Study Night 133

This time, Japanese-English words(“和製英語/わせいえいご”) were the focus of the activity. When English words get around Japan, their meaning frequently changes. These false friends can cause miscommunication. In order to prevent this, let’s study how Japanese-English word depart from their original meaning. In the first part, we translated Japanese-English words. Here are some examples we looked […]

Study Night 126

First, what we did yesterday was あいうえお作文 さくぶんand かるた.  So I’m going to show you what あいうえお作文 is. Here’s one example.  お題だい「おかあさん」The topic「mother」 あ ありがとう  Thank you い いつも  always う 美うつくしい beautiful え 笑顔えがおの smiling お お母かあさん mother It’s a message for mother’s day showing appreciation to mothers. Usually we make あいうえお作文 related to one topic and  it should […]

Japanese New Year

Businesses shut down, families gather from far and wide, workplaces hold huge drinking parties, and postcards travel through the mail by the millions. The people of Japan come together at the end of every year to forget the worries and stresses of the past, and to celebrate a fresh start with a new beginning for the future. New Year’s […]

Hokkaido’s Snow Festival

It’s winter-time in Hokkaido again, which means one of the largest and most famous festivals in Japan will soon be underway. What began as a handful of people building a few snow sculptures in a park has evolved into a national event attracting millions  from all over Japan and the world. Sapporo City’s Yuki Masturi […]

Yufuin – Totoro-like village in Japan 由布院: My Japan Trip Part 9

  Even though I am from Kyushu, this is my first time to visit Yufuin Japan. Yufuin is located on Kyushiu Island in part of Oita Prefecture.  Yufuin is one of the most famous Onsen towns in Japan. I’ve been away from Japan so long, I really miss Japan’s countryside so much. Whenever I have a chance, I really want to visit little villages in the beautiful mountainside. I enjoyed a […]

Matsuyama – Shikoku Island’s Mediterranean: My Japan Trip Part 8

Ehime is one of four prefectures on Shikoku Island (四国).Shikoku is described as Japan’s Mediterranean because the inside sea (瀬戸内海 Setonaikai) makes a beautiful coastline, and the warm weather brings beautiful scenery and fruit trees (olive and orange trees are very famous here). This is my first visit to Shikoku and I came mainly because […]

Electric Shinjuku

Shinjuku is without question one of Tokyo’s most interesting and high-energy wards. Being a contradiction of chaos and order, it embodies the spirit of metropolis; it’s aesthetic is probably what comes to mind when most people think of Tokyo. Housing both the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Japan’s largest Red Light District, Shinjuku is a paradox, alternating between […]

Easter in Japan

In Japan, Easter becomes more and more popular and as that happens, Japan adds a little of it’s own flair and culture into the holiday; of course this involves some beautiful artwork.  Painted Easter Eggs I’m sure all of you have seen Mario at some time or another. Lisa Triforo has designed some amazingly painted […]

The Craziest Restaurant in Japan?

  Have you been to the robot restaurant in Tokyo, my friends?? There such a place where one can be bombarded by an array of lights, robots, girls, sounds, ninjas, monsters, and massive LED tanks. Where you can enjoy a….mediocre bento-box meal and purchase expensive drinks and souvenirs in the face of androids, light bikes, […]

All About Ramen.

There’s nothing quite like sitting at the counter of a Ramen shop and enjoying a hot bowl of soup on a cold, rainy day. Known worldwide for it’s instant counterpart, the origins of Ramen are still debated, but one thing is for sure, in the last century Japan has definitely made the dish their own. There exists […]

Japan Insight: The Origin of Japanese Writing Systems Pt. 2

In Part 1(Link), Dr. Ebihara gave us an overview of the different writing systems in Japanese, and told us the history of the complicated Kanji that the Japanese language uses. This time he will show us how the Japanese language transitioned from using Chinese characters into a fully separate language, through the creation of “kokuji”, “Hiragana”, […]