Study Night 179

Hi everyone, I’m Jolena and I’m one of the volunteers at Benkyoukai. So what is Benkyoukai? Benkyoukai, or Study Night, is a language exchange event that connects English and Japanese speakers through the form of activities and conversation. Sign-in starts at 5:45pm every Wednesday at JP Canada‘s office (#320 – 890 West Pender St) and […]

Valentine’s Study Night 176

Valentine’s This week, we had a Valentine’s party, and we had two kinds of activities. The first one required English speakers to practice 告白, which means “love confession” in Japanese. Here is a bit of trivia about Japan’s Valentine’s day. As you already know, Valentine’s day in Canada is the day when guys give some […]

Study Night 170

This time, we had a different type of activity. We focused on a Japanese New Year’s traditional activity called “Kakizome/書き初め(かきぞめ)”. At the beginning of the year, people write calligraphy known as kakizome; they create works symbolizing their wishes for the new year. In Japan, we usually have calligraphy classes in elementary school. So everyone has basic […]

Christmas Event 2018 (Study Night 168)

Before I get to this week’s review, let me explain what’s going on for those visiting this blog for first time. Study Night (Benkyokai) is a language exchange event to connect those who are interested in learning Japanese/English through conversation and activities using both languages. Sign in is from 5:45pm until 6pm. You are free […]

Study Night 167

This week, we played Pictionary!  I actually did not know this game is called “Pictionary” in English until 5 minutes before the activity started. I kept calling this game おえかきの森 in Japanese, which is directly translated to “a forest of drawing”. If you wonder why, just google “おえかきの森”, you will see why.  Do you know […]

Study Night 165

This week, the theme of the activity was multiple-choice questions. They are called 二択問題(にたくもんだい) in Japanese. Before I start explaining the activity, let me tell you about the difference in “multiple-choice” between Japanese and English which I didn’t know about. When you have two or more options, it is called multiple choice in English, no […]

Study Night 164

For this week’s activity, I picked some “words/sayings with colours in them”. Yes it sounds weird so why don’t we move on to the questions we had, which will be self-explanatory. Out of the        : unexpected         with envy: jealous or envious Caught        -handed: clearly guilty         noise: static noise         Friday: the day after […]

Study Night 163

Now to review of this week’s activity.  The topic was “How much I like!!“ If you have some things you like a lot or not at all, how can you express your feeling? For the first part, we translated some words into English.  Let’s check them out! 大好き(だいすき) → love 大嫌い(だいきらい) → hate まあまあ好き (まあまあすき) → it’s ok. けっこう嫌い(けっこうきらい) → quite dislike, […]

Study Night 157

This week, we had everyone discuss “Festivals and Culture”. Each country has different events/ideas they celebrate/ appreciate/commemorate. Japan and Canada have quite an interesting contrast in this area. I have provided a worksheet with some festivals (some are holidays some aren’t) to start with (see below.) For this post, I’m going to pick one from […]

Study Night 155

  Hello everyone!. Before telling you about this week’s event, let me introduce Study Night (Benkyokai). Benkyokai is a language exchange event between English and Japanese speakers.  It is held at JPCanada’s office (#320 890 West Pender street) from 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm every Wednesday. For the first 15 minutes, participants have friendly conversations […]