Study Night Launches!

The maiden voyage of the Study Night 勉強会 was a resounding success last night. Many friends were made and much language was exchanged. Thank you all for coming! Make sure you hit Subscribe on our events page so you know when future events are coming up. We kind of commandeered Waves Coffee for the few […]

Japanese Language Classes in Vancouver

  At Yokoso Japan’s office in Vancouver, we host Japanese lessons where we study Japanese grammar and practice speaking with Japanese volunteers who help us out. We also have language exchanges where you can meet new Japanese friends, learn about Japanese culture, and just have a great time!  You can register for lessons and exchanges here […]

Japanada Day??

July 1st is Canada Day here in…well, Canada where our Yokoso office is, and the day was very busy. We spent most of the day wrapped up in 2 major events.  First, right now the Fifa Women’s World Cup of Soccer is being held in stadiums across Canada and yesterday the second of two semifinal games was held […]

Happy New Year 2015!

あけましておメーでとうございます! Happy New Year! 2015 is the year of the sheep, according to the Chinese astrological calendar. In Japan it’s very common to know what year you were born in, as that is said to determine certain personality traits and your compatibility with others based on their various year signs. If you were born in 1943, […]

Tying the World Together: Japan

As many of you will know, a small convention called “Akimatsuri” was put on by the Anime Evolution group here in Vancouver BC. Yokoso Japan Association had the chance to attend and chat with con-goers and so on, and it really got me thinking: I don’t know exactly how many people came to Akimatsuri this […]

Anime Revolution in Vancouver

Just a quick note that Yokoso Japan Association will be at Anime Revolution 2014 from August 22-24 at the Vancouver Convention center. We’ll have an origami station and a tanabata tree in our booth, so swing by and try some real Japanese experiences! Our booth is right across from the cosplay and autograph lines!

Welcome to Yokoso Japan Association!

Welcome to Yokoso Japan Association! Our new site is up and ready!“ようこそ” (yokoso) is Japanese for “Welcome”, and that’s how we want you to feel: Our mission is to work with you and make you feel comfortable here with us and comfortable when you get to Japan.We are ready to help you with your visas and […]