Study Night 216

Hello, everyone. I’m Marina. I’m a new volunteer for Benkyoukai. I’m from Hyogo, Japan. I like reading books, especially, I love novels written by Onda Riku, who is a Japanese famous novel author. Nice to meet you!

This week’s activity was “なぞなぞ”. “なぞなぞ” which means riddles in English.

I picked a few examples. Please try to answer them.

Q1, 1つだと食べにくく、2つだと食べやすいのはなに?
English: One is difficult but two are easy to eat. What is this?

Q2, 同じ日に生まれ、同じ両親を持つのに双子ではない。なぜ?
English: They were born on the same day and have the same parents, but they are not twins. Why?

Q3, 22日は”ショートケーキの日”と呼ばれています。なぜ?
English: In Japan, the 22nd is called “The day of strawberry shortcake”. Why?

Q4, はられるものなのに、切られたそうなものは?
Q: It is for sticking on but it wants to be cut. What is it?

Q5, 拾ったものにも関わらず、お金を払わなければいけないものはなに?
English: In spite of you picking it up, you have to pay for it. What is this?

Q6, 割られることでより役に立つものってなに?
English: What is more useful after it’s broken?

Q7, 山も川も海もあるのに平らなのはなに?
English: What is it that has mountains, rivers and the sea but is flat?

Q8, Tで始まり、Tで満たされ、Tで終わるものってなに?
English: What starts with the letter “t”, is filled with “t” and end in “t”?

Did you get the answers? I’m going to show you the answers and explain why.


Answer: They are triplets (三つ子)

Answer: Because 22nd has strawberry on it.
In Japanese, strawberry is “ichigo”(いちご), and 1 is “ichi”(いち) and 5 is “go”(ご). So 15th is called “Strawberry Day”. On a calendar, you can see 15th (strawberry) above the 22nd, that’s why, 22nd called “Shortcake Day” (look at the calendar, and then remember that strawberries are on the shortcake).

Answer: Stamp/切手(きって)
Stamp is “kitte” in Japanese and “Kitte” sounds like “cut me” in Japanese.

Answer: Taxi

Answer: Egg

Answer: Map

Answer: Tea pot
Tea pot start with “T” and is filled with “Tea” and end in “T”

How many なぞなぞ did you get the answers for? I hope you enjoyed them! In our activity, some people came up with another answer. One said “flight ticket” could be an answer for Q6.

For people who haven’t been to Benkyokai before, it is an English-Japanese language exchange event taking place every Wednesday at JP Canada’s office (#320-890 West Pender) from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Sign-in begins at 5:45pm, and you can chat with the cool people around you while waiting for the weekly activity to start at 6 o’clock. During the activity, participants are separated into groups with roughly the same number of English and Japanese speakers, where they will help others learn the language they want to learn by completing a task or game together. If you’re interested in joining us, please sign up on our website or Facebook . We welcome English and Japanese speakers of ALL levels, so don’t hesitate to join us! 🙂

Unfortunately, the bus strike might happen next Wednesday (11/27). But we will prepare some simple activities for study night and wait for you to join!

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