Study Night 214

Hello Everyone! How was your week? Did you finish your midterm exams and did you do well? I hope everyone had a good week.
This week at Benkyokai, Summie and I presented the brainstorm language exchange activity. It’s a simple picture card game but lets you use lots of your vocabulary to explain what kind card you have.

I’ll explain how to play…When it is your turn, you pick one card, and don’t show anybody. And you can give 3 hints about what this looks like, or how it used. It could be food, a place, things, etc…
For ex: It’s eatable. It’s hard, it’s Japanese / これは食べられます。かたいです。日本のです。
And the guesser can ask any question.
Ex: Is it sweet? Can I buy in Canada? Is it cold? それは甘いですか? カナダで買えますか?冷たい
Then as you are getting closer to the answer, you can finally guess what card (picture) the card holder has.
Of course we are a language exchange, so we have to use your learning language (Japanese or English) when you are giving hints or asking questions.
For some of you it might be difficult to explain and describe the things…but everyone tried hard!
However, the games also had lots of conversation with explanations to each other, and extended to learning many things!

Here is one really funny story from this game.
He picked one card and gave the hint >
H「 でるものはたたられる」
G2 「もぐら!」?
H ・・・・?
G3「You mean…“でるものはたたかれる”?」not tatarareru. Its Tatakareru.
It was really funny, the card holder was saying a common phrase, but if you make a pronunciation mistake with ra and ka, it becomes such a different word and meaning!
Tatarareru > たたられる(祟られる)meaning “It get cursed”
Tatakareru > たたかれる(叩かれる)meaning “you get hit by somebody”
That’s why the guesser was saying Mogura (Mogura tataki game also known as “whack-a-mole”) or Obake (Ghosts often curse by bad spirit).

This “でるものは叩かれる“ meaning often use of >>>>
The funny part was I just imagined the phrase became an image of the Mogura tataki / whack-a-mole game. That was really cute.
So now can you guess what kind of picture he was holding?“ Yes, that was a NAIL.
出る杭は打たれる That’s what he wanted to say. And this is the correct phrase. Meaning [The nail that sticks out gets hammered in.]It was a good study, we learned old proverbs and how to use the verb differently. How was your team?
Did you learn something interesting or discover a new word?
The Language Exchange is great way to learn language with each other. How to use it correctly, as your friend shows you exactly how they use daily life words.
If you are interested in our event please come visit, and don’t worry about your level, you will learn based on your needs.
Look forward to seeing you next week!

For people who haven’t been to Benkyokai before, it is an English-Japanese language exchange event taking place every Wednesday at JP Canada‘s office (#320-890 West Pender) from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Sign-in begins at 5:45pm, and you can chat with the cool people around you while waiting for the weekly activity to start at 6 o’clock. During the activity, participants are separated into groups with roughly the same number of English and Japanese speakers, where they will help others learn the language they want to learn by completing a task or game together. If you’re interested in joining us, please sign up on our website or Facebook . We welcome English and Japanese speakers of ALL levels, so don’t hesitate to join us! 🙂

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