Study Night 211

Hey everyone, it’s Summie here! This week, I was in charge of Benkyoukai’s activity, I hope everyone had fun!

Let me start, however, with a brief explanation of what Benkyoukai is.  Benkyoukai(勉強会)is a weekly event that is held by Yokoso Japan Association from 17:45 to 19:00 every Wednesday at JP Canada’s office (#320-890 West Pender) that allows English speakers and Japanese speakers to interact through a variety of activities and get to know each other as well as learn each others’ language.  Signing up for this event is simple and you can do it directly on Yokoso Japan’s website or ourFacebook page.

In this week’s activity, I devised a game where we combined Charades, Telephone, and Pictionary!  Members are separated into groups of roughly six people and a drawer, a guesser, and a person to be given the word is chosen.  In this time, a word in either English or Japanese will be given the person at the “start of the line”.  From here, the person will think of how he can convey this word to the next person without saying the word and purely through describing it.  This will continue throughout the line of people with one person describing the concept to the next.  The second last person who receives the message will then draw what they think it is.  From here, the drawing is shown to the last person and the person has to guess what the initial word given was based on the drawing.  This game was very interesting as you could see people help each other try to understand a concept and also sometimes, see the initial word skew into something completely different by the end of the line.  Most of the words that were chosen this week were Halloween based, with anticipation to our upcoming Halloween Party!

Some examples of the words we used were:










I hope everyone had fun in this activity and was also able to learn some new concepts and vocabulary through participating in this activity.  Telephone game can skew messages in a single language even when a person is fluent in it, putting it in both languages makes it even more difficult, but everyone was able to work really well together and we were surprised how many words made it through the chain without being skewed.

We are always open and inviting to new members so we hope to see you next week!  You can sign up for our weekly Benkyoukai through our 
website or ourFacebook page.

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