About Shibuya Gai-go




Shibuya Gai-go Gakuin is a language school first and formost, and offers a wide variety of courses to meet your schedule no matter what it is. Whether you want to study intensively for a year, a month, 10 days, or otherwise, they surely have a course that is suitable for you. Furthermore, students at Shibuya Gai-go Gakuin  can study Japanese for conversations, to prepare for stringent examinations such as the JLPT N1 test, or business, while simultaneously enjoying a variety of cultural activities like calligraphy, tours, and parties. The experience of studying at Shibuya Gai-go Gakuin is enriching in every way.


Located in Shibuya, known as being the place for young people to hang out, Shibuya Gai-go Gakuin enjoys a central location that means students have easy access to anywhere in the city, so students can enjoy exploring in their leisure time. Of course, there are many well known things to see in Shibuya, such as the “Hachiko gate” at Shibuya station,  Yoyogi Park, and Meiji Jingu, Tokyo’s largest shrine. Between the bustling neighbourhood and the school’s extracurricular events, students who attend Shibuya Gai-go Gakuin are sure to have an amazing experience inside and outside the classroom.



 Course  Name  Length  Intake  Focus
Full Time Course  6 months, 1 year, 2 years January*, April, July*, October
*6 month and 1 year programs only
-General Japanese skills including conversation, grammar, listening,  reading, writing, vocabulary, kanji, etc.
-Many extracurricular, cultural activities available, such as tea  ceremony, calligraphy, visits to shrines/temples, etc.
10-Week Course 10 weeks January, April, July, October -Curriculum is equivalent to full time course, but term is shorter for  temporary visitors
-Partial participation is available
One-Month Program 4 weeks January, April, July, October -Intensive Japanese for very short-term students
-Extracurricular activities, such as flower arrangements, trip to    Asakusa, exchange parties, etc., are available
Summer Courses 10 days August -Conversation Course: Focus is on developing conversation skills  through cultural experiences with other students. Extracurricular activities are available.
-JLPT Course: Intensive comprehensive study to prepare for the N2 and N1 levels of the JLPT examination.
-Private/Semi-Private lessons: Study specific content or practice specific concepts to reach a personal goal.
JLPT Course 10 days (Sundays only) April, September -Comprehensive study to pass the JLPT exam at the N2 or N1 level.
One-Day-A-Week Course 10 days over 10 weeks January, April, July, October  -Focus on communication skills, available from basic Japanese to business Japanese.
Private/Semi-Private Course 10 lessons per session N/A  -Study specific content or practice specific concepts to reach a personal goal.


Course Length Application Admission Tuition Total
1-2 Years 20,000 50,000* 680,000/Year 750,000+textbook/year
6 Months 20,000 50,000* 350,000 420,000 + textbook
10 Week   0 10,800 162,000 172,800+textbook
1 Month 0 10,800 66,960 77,760+textbook
Summer Course 0 0 64,800 64,800+textbook
JLPT Course 0 10,800 86,400 97,200+textbook
One-Day-a-Week Course 0 10,800 35,000 45,800+textbook
Private/Semi-Private lessons 0 10,800 Please Ask  Please Ask

*If applicant currently possesses a valid visa other than a student visa this application fee can be reduced


A Homestay (optional) can be arranged by the school for those who enroll in the Full-time, 10 week, 1 month and Summer courses at a rate of 2,500 yen per night plus a 1-time arrangement fee of 10,800 yen.

*Prices are in Japanese yen and are applicable to those who pay in full (only one payment)