About KAI




Kai offers a variety of courses so that everyone can find a program that will meet their individual level and goals. Their general Japanese course is divided into 8 levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, and there is a business Japanese focused course also available. They also offer a flexible practical conversation for those looking to specifically improve their speaking, which can also be taken as part of their summer course. Also available as a summer course is a JLPT prep course for the N1 and N2 exams.  They also offer a 2 week “50+” course that mixes Japanese language study with Japanese culture study.


Kai is located near “Shin-Okubo” station on the Yamanote line in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Shin-Okubo is most well known for being the largest “Koreatown” in Japan. You can eat fairly authentic Korean food, go to Koean-style pub restaurants, and buy Korean pop-culture goods. Shin-Okubo is also near Waseda University, a very famous private university. The school itself is very easy to access from Shin-Okubo station on the Yamanote line, about a 5 minute walk, and since the Yamanote line runs all through central Tokyo, Kai is easy to access from anywhere, and you can quickly get anywhere from Kai.



 Course  Name  Length  Intake  Focus
General Course  10 week terms January, April, July, October  {Beginner} Daily conversation, basic grammar, hiragana/katakana, 300 kanji
{Intermediate} More universal topics, strengthening grammar, expanding vocabulary, 1200 kanji
{Advanced} Advanced topics, speaking and writing skills, 2000 kanji, preparation for future study
Business Japanese Course 200 10 week terms*
Business Japanese Course 200 is a 2 semester (6 month) course, but it is possible to enter and exit the course halfway through
January, April, July, October Advanced global skills, business writing, presentation training, (optional) internship
Practical Conversation Course Minimum 1 week Weekly (except for complete beginners) Conversation skills, using Japanese, understanding sentence structure, sentence construction
Summer Courses {Grammar and Conversation} 4 weeks in July, 3 weeks in August, or 7 weeks combined
{JLPT preparation course} 3 weeks (August)
July (Grammar and Conversation only), August

{Grammar and Conversation} Improve grammar, practice conversation, communication with Japanese people.

{JLPT preparation} Taking JLPT N1 or N2, reading and kanji comprehension

50+ Course 2 weeks March, November Satisfy the high expectations of people over 50, mix of language and culture, unforgettable memories, integration with Practical Conversation Course
Customized Lesson Programs N/A N/A Course length, timing, and contents are decided jointly by the student(s) and staff together, progress is closely monitored to ensure that student obtains maximum benefit. Corporate training also available.


Tuition and Fees


General Course:

Course Length Registration Tuition KAI DLS Charge Total
1 Term (3 months) 20,000 210,000 10,000 240,000 + materials fee
2 Terms (6 months) 20,000 400,000 20,000 440,000 + materials fee
3 Terms (9 months) 20,000 610,000 30,000 640,000 + materials fee
Full year (12 months) 20,000 790,000 40,000 850,000 + materials fee
Optional Elections per 2 Lessons/ Weeks/ Term N/A 20,000 N/A 20,000


Materials Fee:

Level Fee
Level 1 8,920
Level 2 4,980
Level 3 5,980
Level 4 6,590
Level 5 2,760
Level 6 4,860
Level 7 4,228
Level 8 2,500


Practical Conversation Course

Week(s) Registration Tuition Early Bird
1 to 4 10,000 25,000 22,000 500
5 to 8 24,000
9 or more 23,000


Summer Course

Course Tuition Early registration discount Materials
July Only 159,000 142,000 2,000
August Only 122,000 109,000 1,500
Full (July & August) 240,000 215,000 3,500


50+ Course

Package Cost (Tuition and activities)


*Prices are in Japanese yen and are applicable to those who pay in full (only one payment)
*Use of electronic devices, such as iPads or other tablets, to access digital versions of resources may result in lower material fees
*Extra fee of 40,000 will be charged to those who wish to take an internship as part of the Business Japanese 200 course (when available)