About Human Academy




Human Academy offers variety. They have 3 Japanese language schools, located in Tokyo, Osaka, and Saga, where you can study general Japanese for short or long term sessions. You can also focus in and learn about specific kinds of Japanese, such as business Japanese or academic Japanese. Besides that, Human Academy allows students to study many other subjects, such as creating manga, hair styling, fashion, and more.


Human Academy’s 3 campus locations are spread across three very different locations: Tokyo, Osaka, and Saga. Tokyo is a massive, busy city full of people to meet, places to see, and things to do. Osaka is also a big city but with a totally different atmosphere than Tokyo, more exciting and vibrant. And then there is Saga, which is much more rural and relaxed, allowing students to experience Japanese life in the countryside.



 Course  Name  Length  Intake  Focus
Graduate School Prep Course 9, 12, 15, 18 months January, April, July, October* Focuses on continuing undergraduate research and preparing for entrance into Japanese graduate school through practical training working with graduate students in your field.
Preparatory Course 15, 18, 21, 24 months January, April, July, October* Build all the skills you need for advancing into Japanese university, vocational school, or graduate school in this course. Elective courses for specific areas of study are available.
Practical Japanese Course 2 years January, April, July, October Focus is on building “useful” Japanese skills through study in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The course also emphasizes learning about Japanese culture.
Short Term Course 1, 2, or 3 months January, April, July, October** The 4 hour/day course emphasizes “useful” Japanese across all areas of study (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and also offers weekend activities
Working Holiday Short-term Intensive Course 1, 2, or 3 months N/A Learn “useful” Japanese while you work part time, or otherwise enjoy your working holiday visa. Student of this class may also take specialty courses or job hunting seminars.
Japanese Culture Experience Class Once weekly for the duration of your other Human Academy course N/A Take the opportunity to enroll in special weekend courses to supplement your weekly studies with more active classes such as “Japanese Tidbits”-exploring less-studied Japanese like tongue twisters. Specific course availability varies by campus, so contact us for more details.
Class Lesson 1, 2, or 3 months N/A A flexible class for foreign residents in Japan to learn the language at a level appropriate for their knowledge. The class is generally 5 days per week but taking just 4, 3, or 2 days a week is also possible.
Group Lesson Monthly N/A Small group classes for intensive study of a specific topic for a short time. 2 and 3 day a week options are available
Private Lesson N/A N/A Students work with teachers to decide what their goals for study are and set a curriculum which they then study.
Business Japanese 3 months January, April, July, October Improve your Japanese from “passable” to useful business level. Prepare yourself for working in a Japanese company by mastering basic business manners, telephone etiquette, email writing techniques, how to sit an interview, and more.
JLPT N1, N2 Preparation 12 lessons March/April, August/September (Tokyo/Osaka) Intensive study to pass the JLPT N1 or N2 exam.
EJU Preparation 12/10 lessons (Tokyo/Osaka) July (Entry mid-course may be possible) Study the subjects that will be on the EJU exam for enrolling in a Japanese university.

*Certain lengths only available in certain intake months
**If student has previously studied, joining the classes in between intake periods may be possible.

Tuition and Fees

Course  Name Application Fee Tuition Other expenses
Graduate School Prep Course 21,600 48,600/month 3,500/month
Preparatory Course 21,600 48,600/month 3,500/month
Practical Japanese Course 21,600 48,600/month 3,500/month
Short Term Course 32,400 54,000/month Textbooks/materials at cost.
Working Holiday Short-term Intensive Course 32,400 (Waived for working-holiday visa holders) 54,000/month Textbooks/materials at cost.
Class Lesson 32,400 10,800/month for every day per week (ex. 2 days per week = 21,600/month) Textbooks/materials at cost.
Group Lesson 32,000 2 days/week: 32,000/month
3 days/week: 43,200/month
Textbooks/materials at cost.
Private Lesson 21,600 5,400/hour Textbooks/materials at cost.
Business Japanese 21,600 (waived for current students) 32,400 Textbook/materials at cost
JLPT N1, N2 Preparation 21,600 (waived for current students) 43,200 Textbooks/materials at cost
EJU Preparation N/A 21,600/16,200 (Tokyo/Osaka) per subject Textbooks/materials at cost

*Extra fee of 40,000 will be charged to those who wish to take an internship as part of the Business Japanese 200 course (when available)