The Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center is an intensive Japanese langauge school designed to prepare students for entry into Japanese universities, specifically Kyoto Computer Gakuin and Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, where one can study IT, technology, automation, animation, and more under the instruction of some of the most distinguished names in their industries.Courses at KJLTC can also be taken in conjunction with courses at KCG or KCGI.


Kyoto is the old capital city of Japan, and was for more than 1,000 years, so there is a deep-seeded sense of culture and history that can be found throughout the city. Yet, Kyoto is also a very modern, livable city, with all the conveniences one would expect in a modern city. Kyoto is also known for its 3 main festivals: Jidai-matsuri, Aoi-matsuri (among the oldest continuously celebrated festivals in the world), and Gion-matsuri, (one of the biggest festivals in Japan).


October Intake Classes

Course  Name



International IT  Program   2 years 

Study IT fundamentals in conjunction with elective courses to broaden your knowledge and skillset. electives include Art & Design, Computer Science, Digital Game & Amusement, and more.

IT Voice Actor/Voice Actress Program 2 years Learn how to use your voice to present emotions, feelings, and a character in order to join Japan’s animation industry.
Information Processing Course 2 Years Learn about computers, networking, information theory and more and become equipped for such work as a systems engineer, web programmer, systems operator, and so on.

The above courses are designed for international students and have relaxed entrance requirements. In addition, the following courses are available for those who meet the regular university entrance requirements (JLPT N2, high score on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), etc.)

April Intake Classes

Department and Course


Art & Design Art and Design Informatics Program 4-year
Advanced Art and Design Program 3-year
Art and Design Program 2-year
Business & Management Business and Management Informatics  Program 4-year
Business IT Program 2-year
   Computer Science Computer Science Program

Computer Science Course

Manga and Anime Course

Multimedia Computing Program

Multimedia Computing Course

Manga and Anime Course

Computer Networking Program 3-year
Information Processing Program

Information Processing Course

IT Voice Actor/Actress Course

Manga and Anime Course

Graduate Study Transfer Program

Digital Game & Amusement Advanced Digital Game and Amusement  Program 4-year
Digital Game Development Program 3-year
Digital Game Development Basics Program 2-year
Engineering for Embedded  Systems Embedded System Program 4-year
Computer Engineering Program 3-year
Computer Engineering Basics Program 2-year
Automotive Control Technology Program 2-year
Information & Communication
Information & Communication Course
University Graduates Reskilling Course

Tuition and Fees

Program Name


Embedded Systems Program

Computer Engineering Program Program

Computer Engineering Basics Program

Art and Desing Informatics Program

Advanced Art and Design Program

Art and Design Program

Business and Management Informatics Program

Business IT Program

Computer Science Program

Multimedia Computing Program

Computer Networking Program

Information Processing Program

Advanced Digital Game and Amusement  Program

Digital Game Development Program

Digital Game Development Basics  Program

Automotive Control Technology Program


International students can receive a scholarship that will reduce the total first year fees to 1,000,000 JPY

*Prices are in Japanese yen