About GenkiJACS




GenkiJACS focuses on teaching practical Japanese, not just classroom Japanese. That means that they offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, whether you want to experience traditional culture, like tea ceremonies or flower arranging, or you’d prefer to focus on modern Japanese pop culture, like maid cafes or cosplay. GenkiJACS is one of the most flexible schools around, offering weekly class intakes and completely customizable course lengths, whether you want to study for 2-weeks or 6 months. Want to study even longer? There are 1 and 2 year courses available as well!


GenkiJACS has two separate campuses: One is in Fukuoka and one in Tokyo. The Fukuoka main school is located in Hakata ward, right near Hakata Station which is the city’s largest train station, and also a terminal station for the shinkansen (bullet train). The main school has 14 classrooms available, so class sizes stay small and teacher-student interaction is improved. The Tokyo branch school is located just a few minutes walk from Shinjuku station in Shinjuku Ward, the world’s busiest train station. The Tokyo school has 9 classrooms available so classes are small and intimate there as well.



Course  Name Classes per Week Intake Focus
Standard Japanese Course 20 Every Monday (Complete Beginners: 1st Monday of each month and 3rd Monday of June, July, August) Study “real life” Japanese, not just your run of the mill textbook learning. The focus of the class is very much putting your classroom learning to practical use through in-class our out-of-class activities
Japanese Plus Conversation 25 (20xStandard Japanese Course and 5xConversation lessons) Every Monday This is the standard Japanese Course with an additional 5 small group conversation classes per week which focus on more conversational topics such as slang, dialects, specialized vocabulary, etc. Not available to complete beginners.
Japanese Plus Pop Culture 23 (Maximum 5 week enrollment) Every Monday (except for complete beginners) The Standard Japanese course with a 3 additional cultural classes a week where you will participate in activities that are all about Japanese pop culture! Examples include: Creating your own manga, visiting a maid cafe, and cosplaying
Japanese Plus Traditional Culture 23 (Maximum 5 week enrollment) Every Monday (Except for complete beginners) The Standard Japanese course plus 3 cultural classes a week where you will participate in activities that are all about traditional Japanese culture. For example, tea ceremony, flower arranging, and calligraphy are activities which you can participate in.
Long Term Course 1-2 years April, October First study at GenkiJACS for 2-6 months on a tourist visa, then transfer to a partner institution to study for 1-2 more years. In terms of scheduling, the partner institution only accepts new students in April and October, so your first study at GenkiJACS must end in either March or September. **Only available at the Fukuoka Campus**
Exam Skills Option 1 Weekly, year-round Prepare for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in this once-weekly course.
Kanji Skills Option 1 Weekly, year-round Further preparation for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)focusing specifically on kanji and related stratagies.
Survival Japanese for Tourists 1 Same-day bookings available A one-time lesson to get you up to speed on the basics of Japanese needed for tourist life, such as ordering at a restaurant, asking for directions, and so on. **Only available at the Tokyo Campus**

Tuition and Fees

For Study Ranging 2 weeks-6 months:

Course Type Application/Materials Tuition (Per Week)
Standard Course 21,500 32,500
Plus Course 21,500 41,000

Optional Extras

Type Placement Fee Cost
Fukuoka Accommodation 9,500 from 10,000/week
Tokyo Accommodation 19,500 from 12,000/week
2 Hour Cultural Class N/A 3,250
50-minute private class N/A 6,500
Exam Skills Option N/A 2,150


*not applicable to long term course

Type Discount Amount
20 Weeks/6 Months enrollment 18%
30 Weeks/9 Months Enrollment 21%
40 Weeks/12 Months Enrollment 25%

Long Term Course

Item Cost
GenkiJACS Enrollment Fee 21,500
GenkiJACS Tuition Fee (Min. 8 weeks) 32,500 (minimum 260,000)
Partner School Fees 770,000 (First Year)
Other Expenses 28,500
Minimum Total(1 Year 2 Months) 1,080,000

Long-Term Course Accommodation

Type Cost
GenkiJACS accommodation From 10,000/week (minimum 8 weeks= 80,000)
Partner School Dormitory (Private Room) 539,650 /year

*All prices are in Japanese yen